The Resident Monks and the Dayaka Sabha of Sambuddhaloka Buddhist Vihara invite you to join the 2562nd Celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM

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7:00 AM
Observance of eight precepts (attanga sila samadana)

7:15 AM
Atavisi Kiripidu Buddha Puja: conducted by Ven. Wathogala Saranasiri Thero; sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Devan Nanayakkara

8:00 AM
Breakfast (Heela dana): sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Sarath Handapangoda

8:45 - 9:45 AM
Dhamma sermon: delivered by Ven. Dunukewulle Dhammaratana

09:50 - 11:00 AM
Meditation: guided by Ven. Nivitigala Sumitta

11:05 - 11:20 AM
Buddha Puja

11:20 - 12:45 PM
Lunch Dana to Maha Sangha & Sil Upasaka-Upasika: sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Titus De Silva

1:00 - 1:45 PM
Group Chanting conducted by: Ven. Tamaduwe Chandarathana

2:00 - 4:00 PM
Sutta discussion: conducted by Ven. Kongala Pannaloka & Ven. Dunukewulle Dhammaratana

4:15 PM
Termination of eight precepts


5:20 - 5:50 PM
Evening Buddha Puja: Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Channa De Alwis

5:50 - 6:20 PM
Vesak Message in English: delivered by Ven. Nepale Dharmamurti

6:30 PM
Lighting Vesak Lanterns

6:35 PM
Sunday School Children’s Vesak Presentation

7:10 PM
Sunday School Children’s Bhakti Geetha; Directed by Mr. Bhadrajee Mahinda Jayatilake

7:25 PM
Shraddhanjalee - Bhakti Geetha: Directed by Mrs. Sanjeewani Weerasinghe & choral group; Music directed by Mr. Krishantha De Silva

8:30 PM
Vesak Dansal (Free dinner) Sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. N. H. Chandrapala

The venerable monks of the temple, in compassion (metta), conducts a variety of events to meet the different spiritual needs of the community. While designed to meet the Generosity (Dana), Virtue (Seela),and Meditation (Bhavana) needs of the Buddhist lay community,these events are open to all inquiring minds.

Programs offered include;

Full Moon (Poya) Day Programs: Dhamma Talks, Dhamma Discussions, and Meditation Sessions from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm monthly, on every full moon Poya Day.

Vesak Poya Day Celebration: Held annually on the Vesak Poya Day, to mark a troika of important events; birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Gautama Buddha. Apart from the normal poya day religious program, the special events are held to celebrate this momentous day including decorating the temple with lanterns, singing devotional songs and recitations of jataka tales.

Meditation Programs: held on every Friday from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

Dhamma School: for children, held on alternate Sunday afternoons.

Pirith Chanting: Sacred verses for protection are recited daily from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Rainy Retreat (Vas) Observance: Dhamma talks, Buddha Pujas, Bodhi Pujas, and other events on every other Saturday during the Vas season culminating in the final Offering of the Robe (Katina) ceremony held between the Poya days in October and November.

Almsgiving (Dana) Ceremonies

Sinhala New Year Celebration: Held annually on a weekend close to the auspicious day for the Sri Lankan community to come together and celebrate their culture through traditional games, food items, and camaraderie.

The temple itself is open every day from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm for anyone who wants to pay homage to Gautama Buddha or anyone who seeks counselling, instruction, compassion, or solitude.

The venerable monks also provide blessings during funerals, hospital visits, memorial events, weddings, and other significant life events on respectful invitation.

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wlAfldÉÑ ux wjê ux
wðks ux wydis fï
fhA ;x WmkhsykA;s
fõrx f;Aix k iïu;s
~ Oïumoh ~

‘අසවල් කෙනා මට බැන්නා, මට පහර දුන්නා. මාව පරාජය කළා, මගේ දේ පැහැරගත්තා’ කිය කියා හිතන්ට ගිහින්, යම් කෙනෙක් ක්රෝධයෙන් බැඳිල ගියොත්, ඒ උදවියගේ වෛරය නම් සංසිඳෙන්නේ නෑ. (ජේතවන අසපුවේදී ථුල්ලතිස්ස තෙරුන් අරභයා වදාළ ගාථාවකි.)